Friday, August 26, 2011

Firsts, Part Deux, The Sequel

I posted about the many firsts my kids had accomlished a while back, but I think it's time for part deux. All three are back to school -- one in pre-K and two back in their wonderful early intervention class. So, let's start the show, folks:

1. Words: Woody told me something was "disgusting" the other day. Ellie told me I didn't know what a "title" of a book was. Woody and Jack also invent words. Today at the doctor, he called a sink "washer hands." He said, "Bye-Bye, Washer Hands" after he was finished at the sink. Jack calls an umbrella "rainin." Looking in a book at a picture of U for Umbrella: "That's a rainin."

2. Jack is four-point crawling! He has been commando/army crawling/scooting for quite a while, but instead of just rocking or balancing in a four point stance, he is now moving those little knees and going places. You can see how much concentration it takes when you look into his face -- every movement is intentional and takes such focus. But he's getting faster and stronger every day!

3. Ellie Marie, my sweet girl is enjoying her new school very much. She has to walk from the car to the hallway of her school all by herself in the morning . She was a little nervous about that at first, but is an old pro now. All she's shared about school is that she gets chocolate milk, there is a play kitchen, and they "drag" the letters of the alphabet (not sure about that one). Oh, and if the kids get too loud, her teacher places her hands on top of her head to let them know to quiet down. Cute.

4. Wheelchair skills: Jack managed to get himself out of his classroom, down a short hall, and into another classroom in order to watch Barney during pick up time at school the other day! His teacher was so proud but let him know he has to have permission to leave the room -- imagine that! We've come a long way, baby.

Wish I had pictures to share, but even if I could find the camera, I don't think I'd have time to use it!