Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I blinked.

That's it. I must have blinked. 
How is it that my Ellie is turning 5 in just two days? 

I guess I'd better write some things down before I blink again and she's in college :) 

First things first: we have a new baby in the family! 
Nothing can brighten up the world more quickly than a brand new, tiny person. We had a baby shower for Caity at our house in April, and then we finally got to meet our new niece Brenyn the other day, even though she didn't wake up to say hello to us. She's a beautiful little miracle! 

Babies on the Brain:The boys and Ellie are all trying to figure out exactly how this having a baby stuff works. They have each been pretending to have babies in their bellies for about a month now. Just today, Woody put a toy tiger inside his Elmo pajamas and declared, "I having a tiny baby tiger, Mommy!" Watching Milo and Otis with their dad last night may have confused helped that learning curve along, since both a cat AND a dog give birth in that movie -- who knew? 

Welcome to the World, Brenyn!