Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Bright Side

I have started writing several blog posts recently, well, in my head anyway.

1. The adventure of cousins coming for a sleepover during Thanksgiving break.
2. Our latest Shriner's visit and all the medical updates on the boys.
3. The fun-filled and jam-packed Christmas holidays.
4. A year in review post highlighting all the exciting happenings in 2011.
5. The whirlwind girls only trip to New Orleans with Ellie.

But, when I honestly express what's on my mind, I worry, fret, get the jitters, and even start to tear up. It's too much sometimes -- the lists in my head, like mutli-colored juggling rings all about the crash down if I don't start grabbing them in the right order.

Maybe it's just been a hard week trying to get back into the habit of working all day, juggling my time, handling all the day-to-day messes, and putting out fires left and right -- all of it just to get up the next day to start over again. Maybe I just miss the snuggles and giggles I get to see all day when the kids are home, even if it is exhausting. Maybe I just need a stiff drink nap.

Well, instead, I think I will put off writing those other blogs and follow the lead of one of my friends and have my very own "Thankful Thursday" to list those things for which I am grateful. It has to be better than sitting around feeling all bummed out.

I am thankful for:

Jack learning to say "I missed you, Mommy!"
Ellie getting so excited about having slippers.
Woody pretending there's a smiling goldfish swimming in his cup of water.
Chris reading a book I just finished, and me wanting so badly to talk about it but having to wait.
How much my mom loves all things Louisiana and wants all of us to love it, too.
My sister's tendency to always stay positive and energetic, even when she might not feel like it.
Carlos's ability to eat everything on his plate and my red beans and rice, too. He's a beast.
My sweet in-laws' willingness to spend time with my kids when I know it's not always convenient.
My pediatrician working us in for asthma issues on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
My friends at church who remind me I am not alone in my lamenting.
The extended families we love so much -- all very unique and equally goofy.
Lifelong friends who know me so well, even if we haven't spoken in months.
Leading a discussion about literature, and the room has an atmosphere of curiosity and anticipation.
Stepping on toys barefoot in the dark and trying not to introduce potty words to the little ones.
A friend giving us extra groceries even though she's facing a tough time herself.
Friends and even friends of friends offering to help us if we feel overwhelmed.
Jack telling me eating vegetables is stinky.
Ellie being sad when we are out of broccoli for a snack.
Woody continuing to say Merry Christmas to everyone he sees even though it's nearly February.
A husband who gets the boys changed and dressed before I'm even out of bed in the morning.
The teachers who are so patient when they are outnumbered and surrounded by conspiring trouble-makers.
Coffee with a splash of milk.
A letter in the mail instead of more junk.
A break in the work day to write a silly blog post and zone out for a few minutes.