Thursday, July 12, 2012

Why Not?

"No, Jack, don't shove a DVD into the VCR!" (true story); "No, Woody, don't dump your milk on your head!"; "No, you can't have candy for breakfast, Ellie!"

But in those it's-really-not-such-a big-deal cases, I try to ask, "Why Not?"

Why not play in the dirt?

Why not dress up as Hollywood Horse, Boy Princess, and Flying Cat?

Why not go to the dollar movie to see Elmo? Well, I could think of a few reasons; still . . .

Why not have a tea party lunch?

And finally, why not play in the rain?

Trying to be a "why not" mama takes a lot of energy! Painting, play-dohing (new word! bonus.) cooking, pretending, and making daily messes seems crazy, but from what I've heard, one day soon, my three littles won't care to do any of that stuff any more. So, I'm trying to carpe the heck out of this stinkin' diem. 

Happy Summer :)