Friday, March 28, 2014

Love It!

I am really missing my three littles, who have spent two nights away from us; I'm about to run out pick them up from their Maw Maw and Paw Paw's house. Since I have a rare moment of solitude after work, I decided to scribble about a few simple little things I am loving right now! 

1. Our new large capacity washer/dryer set has changed my life. All of our clothes are clean right now. All of them. What the?! And they even give you the time left in the cycle -- I have an unhealthy love for these machines. Some things in life are worth spending money on, and the timing was also ideal. The washer pump just went out, and the dryer was on its last leg. Meanwhile, the set I liked happened to be on sale. It's the little things, dude. Just in case anyone reading this happens to be in the market, ours is a 4.5 cu.ft. washer capacity Whirlpool Cabrio set. LOVE it.

2. The Wii Mario Kart game, our newest toy. Woody and Ellie are having so much fun with this. Jack is too wack-a-doo busy to sit still that long, but he has started helping me with laundry and supper while the other two play, which is pretty hilarious. Woody can even drive while he is standing up with his big boots on, which encourages him to work on his balance! A friend of Chris's let us borrow the game and the controls for it -- people are awesome.

3. Why did I not know about crowder peas? We cook a pound of beans or peas at least once a week, so I picked these up this time. So good. Mom says I've had them, but she makes stuff up all the time.

4. Ellie's adorable voice while toothless! She lost her two front teeth, and I just can't take out cute she sounds: "Mith Johnthon thaid we are going on a field thwip to the movieths!" Ahh!

5. Our yard and back patio, and even the driveway. For our family, flat surfaces are a thing of beauty -- the boys rely on wheels to get around, so hills, rocks, sand, and grass are frustrating. Our little flat fenced-in yard lets us get outside because we can roll right out and enjoy it, during these few times of year when the weather is so yummy. The boys' new electric four-wheelers -- lots of birthday money well spent -- also let them explore beyond the pavement. Hard to describe ow huge that is. Our friends and family are to thank for that one. Love. 

Lots more simple loves to share, but alas, mommyhood calls.