Tuesday, September 22, 2009

There's a Two-Year-Old in the House

Ellie is quite the comedian these days, but not on purpose. Everything she comes up with makes us scratch our heads. Some of you who have ever had a two-year-old in the house will remember how cute this stage is. Here is a top ten list of crazies for this week:

10. We were riding in the van to go to "school", and she noticed the clouds: "Mommy, look . . . clouds in a sky! . . . That one is a parrot." How does she come up with that?

9. She knew I had to leave to go to work one day, and she started to get upset and wanted to go with me. I told her I was going to the doctor. . . she looked over at the babysitter and said "I stay with Nicole!"

8. We were in Walmart, and I had to pick up a baby seat I ordered online. We had to go back to the "Site to Store" which is the very back (where layaway used to be). When we walked back there, Ellie started screaming and saying she wanted to leave -- real tears, shaking, the whole nine yards. All I can figure is that she thought I was really sneaking her into a doctor's office -- she thought the ladies are nurses since they had on the blue vests . . . she really has a phobia! What do we do when we have to go to the dentist or get booster shots??

7. I was chopping onions to cook for our dinner, and she walked up and demanded some. I said, "Onions?" And she replied, "Yes." Well, I don't really have to describe what happened when I let her take a big bite! I guess she thought they were like apples.

6. She has a habit of digging out stuff in the computer desk, and one of her favorite treasures is paper of any type. I asked her to bring a book to me for bed time one night, and she brought me one of her favorites about all the animals going to sleep. When we started reading, every page had an index card inserted in it. We collected about 15 before we were finished.

5. She attempted to paint her fingernails and toenails, while (again) I was preocuppied with Jack and Woody. She managed to do a pretty good job; well, she got one finger and one toe finished before I discovered her! So, instead of making a big deal, I told her I would paint them for her, but she informed me that "Mommy no paint toes. Nene paint toes." Well, get to walking to Covington, Ellie. (Her aunt Janine lives down south, and I guess she thought only her Nene could do that).

4. She loves to go out to eat, but with the boys being part of the family now, we never get to do that anymore. Every time we drive through, go in to get take-out, or even drive by a restaurant, she asks in the sweetest little voice, "Ellie go WIN?" I hate having to tell her we can't. . . maybe one day, sister.

3. She likes watching football with her Daddy (well, he likes to think so). Whenever the players line up, she says "Set . . Go!" and runs across the living room. She calls EVERY sport involving a ball "baseball." Some of the time sees right. Oh well.

2. She looked up at the sunflower wallpaper border in our kitchen one morning, and with wide eyes, she began this little conversation:

Ellie: "Pumas, Mommy!"
Mama: "What, Baby?"
Ellie: "Pumas!"
Mama: "Where are the pumas, Ellie?"
Ellie: "Hiding behind the flowers!"

1. On the kitchen table, we have a basket, which is usually holding apples, oranges, or whatever fruit we have on hand. Ellie climbed on the table the other day while I was (once again) preoccupied with the twins, and took one bite out of every apple in the basket! I told her if she had asked, I'd have just given her an apple. She said, "Ohhh . . . OK."

Ellie, you crack me up.