Saturday, June 12, 2010

Square Footage

Time for a confession: our house is completely filled with people and stuff.

We've been looking at some larger homes, and I have felt pretty guilty for even thinking about buying another house. Do we really need that much space? Being materialistic and stuff-driven is NOT a goal of ours, but it's easy to become that way. I mean, if the five of us can't fit comfortably in this house, do we just own too many things? I try to have a "home" for everything and a container for catch-alls in each room, but we still end up with clutter everywhere. Two of every baby item imaginable PLUS Ellie's toys, art supplies, books, shoes, and ponytail holders make it nearly impossible to keep the house picked up. I have these ideas of how to make better use of our space (because I really feel like we have more than enough room), but I can never seem to make the plans work. You know, maybe move this in there, and that over here. Oh, and throw those out, give these away, pack this up to store in the attic, and so on. We could use a shelf here, a toy basket there. Hooks on this wall to hold such-n-such. But will these little fixes really make a difference?

Also, in the near-to-distant future, we will have to make room for walkers, crutches, wheelchairs, or whatever mobility assisting equipment the boys will need. When I look into the future, I imagine walls being banged into and all of us getting bruised and beaten up trying to move around in the house.

So, I guess we'll de-clutter and rearrange until we can't take it any more. Is that the only option? I mean, who wants to move, anyway, right? What a pain . . .

Any ideas, blog friends?


AmberV said...

Girl! I feel your pain. Cory and I are in search of a place right now, but the affordable places just seem to small for us. So I wonder the same thing, do we just need to get rid of things? It's so hard to let go of things. And I'm so glad you wrote this, because I have been thinking I am the only mom who CANNOT find a way to keep our house picked up. I guess that is just the way it goes with young children. I wish you luck with your endeavors!

bethany said...

i have exactly the same problem. i mean seriously, how much stuff can one family own? we just had a garage sale about a month ago, and i really feel like we could have another one tomorrow and still have too much stuff!!

pattibug said...

I have been in your house and know that you and Chris are not "hoarders"; you don't have stuff just for the sake of having it. Editing is always possible but what you're talking about for your future has more to do with available square footage to move around it and for the boys to move around in with the equipment that will be part of their independence. You are wise to consider all of this. Doorways and halls have to be sufficiently wide to permit wheelchairs to move. Bathrooms have to be accessible for transfers to toilet or shower. Having showers that are adapted to allow easy roll-in access will be safer for all. Whether making a move right now is feasible or not only you and Chris can answer. As for feeling like there's always clutter to be picked up, I think that's just part of having three small children. I think you do a great job of juggling everything and being really great parents!

The Spann Fam said...

ugh, the mess. i feel you, girl. but you have to remember - the mess is a requiste to this stage of life. baby & toddler stuff can be all consuming. but it is only a phase, trust me. i am finally living a life where my children's things have a home in their own rooms. and they're big enough to pick them up and put them away! it's the small miracles, really. :)
and perhaps you do need a larger home. but consider this: a friend of mine had a toddler & twins, same ages as yours, and moved into a 5000 sq foot house. it was harder to keep clean because it was so BIG and the kids toys, hair things and clothes STILL ended up all over the place (not to mention that they lived in only 1200 feet of the house since the kids were too young to play alone). :)
still, hanging up a few hook and filling up a few baskets is still fun, right?

Tina said...

methinks its time for a new post! :)