Monday, August 3, 2009

Long Time Coming

I've really intended to do the "blogging" thing for quite a while now, but, like most things I intend to do, it never happened. Like, I intended to get thank-yous in the mail right after I came home with the boys. I also intended to read the four books I've bought this summer and to start writing every day. Oh yeah, and shed 50 lbs. That, too. What is it they say about the road to hell . . . why am I acting like I don't know the answer to that question?

Today was somewhat of a milestone for me, though, so I was inspired to start this, I guess. What milestone, you ask? Well, I was home all day, just me, the boys, and Ellie . . . and I didn't completely lose my ever-loving mind. Yep. That's the huge milestone. Gives you a picture of the last 5 months, doesn't it? Every week day, except on the random days I had friends or family in to help out (thanks so much to you all!), I have looked up at the clock thinking it just had to be close to 6:15 -- daddy arrival time -- to find out it was like 4:00. Today, I looked up to check the time, and it was already 6:00! WOW -- I made it all day without any meltdowns, thoughts of fleeing to the witness protection program, checking the phonebook for a local psychiatrist . . . ok you get it.

Chris walked in, and I was on the floor playing with the cutesy baby boys, Ellie was halfway watching Dora and playing with an empty breadcrumb can, and dinner was cooked and waiting on the stovetop. Seriously. I know Chris was relieved. He asked timidly when he came in from the garage, "Um. Can I go to the bathroom, or do you need me?" I said to him the words he's longed to hear for so long: "Sure. We're good." It was like the clouds had rolled back like a scroll and a voice boomed from heaven: "All is well, my son. Thou shalt go forth and pee freely, for today the heavens hath smiled upon thee."

Indeed, there is hope that we may both, one day, free peely . .er . . pee freely again. Amen.


GiggleBug Mama said...

Oh my gosh- I can totally relate!!! You are too cute!!!

Leigh and Andy said...

hahah You Posted!! I told you that I would bookmark you and check in! I love it! Sounds like you guys had a great day!

Paul Endris said...

I understand totally. When I come home it is usually, "Who do I need to talk to, threaten, or spank!" I feel like Wyatt Earp in the movie Tombstone when I talk to Kristal about a hour prior to my arrival. It's like the scene at the train station: "You tell 'em I'm coming... And Hell's coming with me..."