Monday, August 10, 2009

Not a fun weekend. . .

So, I could take a quiz on Facebook to see what kind of mom I am, but I already know. Answer: Often a little crazy. Sometimes too dramatic. Occasionally very fun.

We spent Friday and Saturday at LSU Medical Center with Woody man. It turned out basically to be nothing, but you know how the saying goes . . . better safe, right? Anyone who would read this probably knows that both twins (Jack and Woody, just turned 5 months) have Spina Bifida. Well, due to their hydrocephalus, they both also have vp shunts. On the Discussion Forum I go to often to talk about SB stuff, almost everyone has had their freak-out moments over shunt problems, and many times, that's all they are -- freak outs. I'm still not sure this was the case this time, but one thing's for sure: neurosurgeons are very important (they're sort of a big deal). Too important to come by to see us all day Saturday to let us know that Woody was fine and could go home. It was 7 o'clock before we saw them.

Woody is ok, by the way. He didn't have the classic and very scary symptoms of a shunt malfunction the books describe, but the short version is: his head circumference jumped up in two weeks, and his soft spot is quite full (not bulging, but very full). Worried mama took him to the local pediatrician, who sent us to the hospital clinic, who sent us to ct scan and then admitted us. Then, over 24 hours later, the neurosurgeons said: "He's a big boy with a big head." Okey dokey, then. It's not brain surgery, folks (bu-dum-bum-chhh).
Not a fun way to spend a weekend, but I feel like I did the right thing. I hope when these kids are all grown up, their friends will be all: "Dude, your mom is so cool." I'm sure by then this terminology will be dated (okay; it already is), but surely there will be something equivalent.
But I hope they'll also know that I would waste my life away in a horrific hospital room for no reason at all if it meant sparing them any amount of pain in the long run.

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