Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Woody had a vp shunt revision last Thursday, so we were in the hospital one night. Then, after we were home for an hour, we went back due to him vomiting 3 times. After a lengthy ER experience to be readmitted (that could be a book, lemme tell you -- inmates, seizure girl, riding in the elevator with all the sickest kids in Shreveport, you name it) we settled on "residual effects of anesthesia" and headed home. He's doing ok today -- still a little spaced out, but basically happy and healthy. We really know how blesed we are, but feel free to please constantly remind us. :) (no sarcasm)

So, did you know that some grown people still color in coloring books? They do. I'm not sure if it's therapeutic or what, but I don't get it. Crossword puzzles are my choice in the hospital. You don't have to think about anything else, and tv is stupid mostly. But coloring books? I would feel like a conformist coloring neatly in the lines. How creative can you really get? Those are more like search-a-words -- so boring. No offense intended if you are like a state-champion search-a-worder.

Anyway, a girl at our local Walmart went to the hosptial thinking she had the flu, and a day later, she had a baby. No lie. I am trying to get her information so I can pass along some baby stuff. Can you imagine being at work one day, completely unaware you were pregnant, and then the next day, you have a new baby? It happened to a very close friend of our family, though. Had raw oysters on a Friday night, went to the hospital thinking food poisoning, and came home with my friend Angela. I bet it feels like a lobotomy. Like you're a completely different person from one day to the next. Our babysitter has a cousin who had her frontal lobe removed after a car accident. Her parents were excited she survived, and even more excited that she might be a nicer person now. Seriously.

Ellie is growing up - they say that can happen. She is speaking in complete sentences, mostly referring to herself in third person: "Ellie pee-pee in Ellie's shoe"; "Ellie eat the markers"; "Ellie no go nigh-night. Ellie pway." Yes, she did pee in her shoe and eat markers this week. I suck as a mom. She's so adorable that we forgive her for almost every no-no, as long as it makes us laugh. That's the general rule.

We might need to rethink that one, though.

I am, apparently, still suffering from sleep deprivation. Fold out couch-bed-chair thingies in the hospital are not cool.

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Meredith & Emma said...

I love the new blog...just starting one myself. Emma refers to herself in third-person as well. I'm blaming Elmo for that one...I think he caused it. Glad to hear the surgery went well.