Monday, August 17, 2009


I finally accomplished something. And it's a big one. I mailed out almost 100 thank you letters to all the amazing people who have supported us through the whole ordeal of pregnancy, diagnosis, birth, surgeries, and coming home with twin boys. This feels good for a number of reasons:

1. it perfectly fits my personality -- wait until it's ridiculously late, and then do it all at once while missing out on sleep rather than do a few a day and be done with it several months ago. Why I am like this? Actually, I know the answer -- the payoff is way more awesome. Example: 20 page paper due. Is it really satisfying to turn it in when you've written a page or two for months now, and last night, you really just did last minute edits and layout revisions? Sure, but not nearly as exciting as when you have been up for 32 hours straight, have had nothing to eat or drink except coffee and hard candies, and turned it in exactly 45 seconds before the absolute and firm deadline of 8 AM. What a rush!

2. it's the first thing I've acoomplished in a long time -- other than, you know, producing two babies and caring for them pretty much nonstop for the last five months. I am not what you would call "ambitious." Not in the least. It's a flaw, and I'm aware of it. I have no desire to do big things. I like normal stuff and a normal job and a normal day more than most. But, I think anyone can relate to wanting to accomplish something they set out to do. I really don't like all the "I"s in this paragraph. ahh, another one. It is rather self-centered to think like that. But isn't blogging pretty much by definition, self-centered? hmmm. So, back to the ambition thing. Laziness is very uncool, but is it ok that small accomplishments are enough for me? I feel pretty good to have this relatively simple task behind me.

3. it hopefully lets people know that we did feel the love they sent our way, and we are way more grateful than a five-month-old letter probably expresses. I am overwhelmed at the kindness of which people are capable. It makes me take a serious look at who needs some love right now from me. Who is in a dark place and could use just a little light to be able to find the way out? Is there a little something I could sacrifice that would add up to much more for someone in need? I am inspired by generosity, and it gives me hope for my little ones that the world may not be in quite the spiral of doom a lot of people think it is. I'm a Christ follower, and that's pretty much what it's all about: faith, hope, and love. But, you know what the greatest is, right?

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