Friday, January 18, 2013

Three Empty Books

My kids' baby memory books are empty. 

All three. I don't remember any of the details requested in these books. When did Ellie first eat solid food? No clue. What was Jack's favorite toy when he was a one-year-old? Um. . . drawing a blank. Woody's first haircut? Like, a while ago? 

But I can always explore my Facebook to see how far we've come. 

I opened that account while I was pregnant with Ellie, about 6 years ago. I also started this blog right after the boys were born -- almost 4 years ago -- in order to sort of blab about what I was thinking, experiencing, and feeling as a new mom of three, two of whom have physical challenges.

The blog has collected dust over the years, but I'm glad I can always open it up to look back at what was on in my mind at different points of the journey, which is wonderful. 

A few of my friends have resolved to blog more in this new year, and while I probably never will be a faithful blogger, I am inspired to keep this terribly designed and frequently cheesy blog up and running, since the baby books won't start filling themselves up. This'll hafta do. :)

Our 2012 Memory Book (According to Facebook)

-- Woody ate his very first and only piece of fruit, a chunk of banana. Newsworthy. 

-- We were reading the Hunger Games and desperately seeking to borrow the second and third books (thanks Angela!). 

-- Playing the kids' (including the boys') favorite board game, "Pretty, Pretty Princess."

-- Woody and Jack rode the trolley all around Natchitoches at their birthday party. A 3-year-old boy's dream come true.

-- Watched Chris finish his first 10K with his brother Scott, who had just returned from a deployment in Kuwait. 


-- I was terrified thrilled to read poems alongside Julie Kane "and friends" at the Tom Peyton Memorial Arts Festival in Alexandria, LA. 

-- Spending Easter with family in New Orleans and visiting City Park.

-- Quick trip to Tyler, TX to look at wheelchair vans and visit the zoo.

-- Chris began a string of work trips to California, and I had an opportunity to see how much he does for the kids when he's home . . .

-- Jack asking for a "blesshue" when he sneezed!

-- Welcoming a new cousin, Brenyn, into the world.

-- Celebrating Ellie's 5th birthday. She puts the sparkle in our family.

-- Jack calling the UPS truck a chocolate milk truck. Woody telling us not the let the baseballs bite when we go to bed. So cute it hurts.

-- My big boys got their new big braces (HKAFOs) to help them stand. Overjoyed to see them filled with pride.

-- Asking Ellie what I would do without her, and her replying, "Well, you would have to go get stuff yourself."

-- Chris reading The Foolish Tortoise to the kids in a British accent. So lucky to have him.

-- Still having three kids who nap at the same time and give their Mama a much-needed break during the long, hot summer.

-- Surprise 65th birthday party for Maw Maw Judy, at her own house. I gave her a huge Medicare card to commemorate -- because I am goofy!

-- Finally getting to announce that Nene was expecting a baby!

-- After fighting through her terrible stage fright, Ellie went on stage to perform a musical for Summer Music Camp in Fairview! She was so proud of her first performance, and so were we, of course.

-- My birthday visit from Sissy and Maw Maw Judy and the lights went out -- how exciting!

-- We finally have a wheelchair lift on the big Nissan van -- woohoo!

-- Ellie singing "Woah, woah, woah your boat, gently down the stweam. Melanie, Melanie, Melanie, Melanie. Like a pot of stweam." I can still hear her sweet little voice.

-- My little girl starts Kindergarten. No way!

-- We were sad to leave Ms. Paula when the boys moved to a new school, but overjoyed that the boys' fantastic new teacher, Ms. KimberLeigh, wasn't moving, and they could keep her all year! 

-- Checking out the NSU football game from the good seats with Bill and Phyllis was lots of fun. Thank you!

-- Riding in the big van to Florien, LA  each week with our friends Michelle and Phoenix to read books with families was always an adventure.

-- Taking a big family picture is a great excuse to visit with plenty of aunts, uncles, and cousins. 

-- Thanksgiving fun at Sissy's and with the New Orleans cousins, aunts, and uncles.

-- Baby Shower season began for Nene and her soon-to-be adorably rotten Isabel.

-- Flu x 3 kids= missing out on a little  of the Christmas fun, but enjoying a quiet day with Maw Maw Sheryl, Paw Paw Travis, and Maw Maw Frances in Zwolle when they were finally fever free was a Christmas miracle!

-- Just after Christmas #2 in Covington, we got to meet the best gift for the new year -- baby Isabel!


dean said...

Nice job there, Mariann! You might have inspired me to start writing (on my 3rd attempt at a blog) again...
Now for the most challenging part of all... proving I'm not a robot so this comment will post!


AdmonishingOthers said...

I enjoyed reading all of your tidbits of family excitement! Keep posting!

The Spann Fam said...

i am right there with ya... my blog used to be my "scrapbook" but i felt like fb took it's place. i love your pics! xo